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Welcome to our latest Sophos UTM, the XG-7560. We are using these devices in small offices that need an end-to-end solution to block malware and spyware at the source. At the end of the day it’s about achieving the highest possible level of security, which is why we’ve focused on maximizing the security features of the device and ensuring that it offers enough protection for the entire perimeter of a small business. As usual with a new device from Sophos, the XG-7560 comes with a generous range of features and enhancements. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the device. Best practices The XG-7560 has been designed in line with best practices for modern endpoint protection. For example, the device is set to work in a multi-zone mode for seamless protection. In addition, we’ve integrated antivirus and firewall features as part of the core OS in order to make them work in a complementary way with one another. The end-to-end block rate of the XG-7560 is over 99%. Multi-zone mode The XG-7560 has been designed to work in a multi-zone mode in which the operating system’s local firewall functions as a device isolation tool, allowing you to treat the device as one big firewall and block inbound and outbound network traffic from outside the device. We’ve managed to squeeze this into a device that is small enough to be unobtrusive, yet with enough horsepower to effectively keep out the various forms of malware that small and medium sized businesses are up against. The devices will do everything on-device that they can to help protect your network and your data. The UTM relies on the core OS to keep it secure. Local firewall capabilities The device is equipped with a first-class firewall which is integrated with the core OS. Because the device is inherently firewall-friendly, it was an obvious place to start. The device has its own dedicated IPS and IDS systems as well as an extensive set of policies. When the device first starts up, it’s in non-active mode. When you connect it to a network, the device will immediately launch its first firewall rule which can be configured in the GUI. The device’s first firewall rule should only be to block outbound SMTP traffic unless




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Sophos Utm 9 License Crack albair

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